Dmitri Shkidchenko

dmitry shkidchenko1Dmitri Shkidchenko (Ukrainian: Дмитро Шкидченко, Russian: Дмитрий Шкидченко) is a former pair skater who competed internationally for the Soviet Union. With partner Irina Mironenko, he is the 1985 and 1986 World Junior silver medalist.

Following his retirement from competition, he became a coach. His current and former students include:

  • Alina Dikhtiar / Filip Zalevski
  • Julia Beloglazova / Andrei Bekh
  • Julia Obertas / Dmitri Palamarchuk
  • Tatiana Chuvaeva / Dmitri Palamarchuk
  • Julia Obertas / Alexei Sokolov
  • Julia Lavrentieva / Yuri Rudyk

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