Vyacheslav Zagorodniuk


Vyacheslav Zagorodniuk (August 11, 1972 in Odessa, Ukrainian SSR, USSR) - Soviet and Ukrainian skater, speaking in singles. European Champion 1996, World Championship bronze medalist in 1994, world champion Junior 1989 Vice World Champion Junior 1988. Finished amateur career in 1998. At the present time - coach of figure skating.


Figure skating started at age 5 in Odessa. Trained in coaching tandem Galina Zmiyevska - Valentin Nikolayev. After winning Oksana Baiul at the Olympic Games 1994, Zmeevskaya went to the US and stayed with Zagorodniuk Nikolaev to 1998. Under the direction of Nikolaev Zagorodniuk became European champion in 1996 .Zmiyivska instilled Zagorodniuk (and most famous his disciple Vladimir Petrenko) strict elegant classical style with elements filigree technique, the key was a difficult triple axel jump. Finished career with coach Vyacheslav also moved to America.

After sports

Vyacheslav Zagorodniuk (right) as a coach Vitaly Danilchenko at the European Championships 2004.

After the amateur career coach lived and worked in the city of Richmond, Virginia, USA, before moving to California .Napryklad, coached five times champion of Ukraine Vitaly Danilchenko of individuals and Alice Kireev .In fact, performed in various shows and participated in programs on American television.

In 2006 he organized and sprodyusuvav Ice show "Magic Ice" in Kiev. The show was attended by skaters such as Oksana Baiul, Ilia Kulik, Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze, Surya Bonali and others.

In 2007, in Kiev opened its own indoor ice rink and created a club to practice figure skating - "Capital", which is now not functioning

In 2011, at the invitation of the Federation of figure skating Ukraine returned home and began work in Kyiv coach youth sports school "Leader".


Married to former Ukrainian figure skater, speaking in ice dancing with Vitaliy Baranov - Olga Mudrak. Maxim has a son and daughter Alina.



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