Dmitry Dmitrenko



Dmytro M. Dimitrenko (July 25, 1973 in Kiev, Ukrainian SSR) - Ukrainian skater, speaking in figure skating. European Champion 1993, twice champion of Ukraine, World Champion Junior 1992 (on the banner of the USSR).


In 1993 Dmitry Dimitrenko won their European Championship debut. Interestingly, shortly before the competition Dmitry broken blade right skate. Change model skate before the race can not - do not have time to break in. In Vyacheslav Zagorodniuk found left skate of the same brand, and attached it to boot. So this European championship was won two left edges.

Dimitrenko year earlier, back in the USSR team, won the world championship among juniors.

The next big medal competition had seven years to achieve. She was the bronze European Championships 2000. At the world championships Dmytrenko did not rise above 11 seats in 2000. Dmitry participated in two Olympics, in 1998, took 14th place, and in 2002 - 18 th. After the World Cup 2002, he completed kar'yeru.Pislya end amateur athletic career coached skaters, for example, repeated winner of Ukrainian championships Alexei Bychenko .YE judge on the internal Ukrainian competitions and technicians MIS.

Since 2006 - director of the "Ukrainian theater on ice".


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