BALKOV Yuriy – Head of committee


MEDINA Iryna – member of committee

MEDVEDEVA Iryna – member of committee

VOROPAYEVA Olena – member of committee

LISOVA Olena – member of committee



Ukrainian Figure Skating Federation


1.2. This Regulation is designed according to the rules of the International Skating Union and determines the conditions and procedure for awarding the title “The judge in figure skating.”

1.3. The title “The judge in figure skating” (hereinafter – the judge) was established to identify training athletes Ukraine in competitions at various levels.

1.4. Judging the competition is honorable and responsible social work that is done on a voluntary basis.

1.5. Judges may be citizens of Ukraine who are qualified, have expressed a desire to participate in the judging of the competition. To judge the work may involve athletes and amateur sport. The appointment of judges for the competition depends on their level of preparedness and direct jury UFSF.

1.6. The judge has to be fair and impartial when judging the competition, to be an example for athletes and coaches follow the rules of the competition, constantly promote education of athletes, to uncompromisingly with all cases of indiscipline and brutality, inadequacy, breach of the rules of competition, actively assist the promotion of sports.

1.7. In judging competitions nationwide level coaches, athletes are participating in the competition are not eligible to serve as judge or a technical expert in the form of competition which is directly involved in their students.


2.1. Establish the following categories of judges in figure skating:

2.1.1. – Judge of the first category,

2.1.2. – Judge national category,

2.1.3. – Referee National Category

2.1.4. – International Judge.

2.1.5. – The referee of the international category.

3. PROCEDURE assigning judicial CATEGORIES

3.1. Right assignment of judicial categories available:

3.1.1. – “The judge first category” – Federation Presidium territorial proposal jury primary organization.

3.1.2. – “Judge national category” – UFSF Presidium of the submission of the jury.

3.1.3. – “National Referee category” – Presidium UFSF the submission of the jury.

3.1.4. – “International Judge” – International Skating Union on the recommendation of the Ukrainian Federation of Figure Skating.

3.1.5. – “International category referee” – International Skating Union on the recommendation of the Ukrainian Federation of Figure Skating.

3.1.6. – Nominations of persons submitted to the assignment of judicial categories, the jury considered UFSF. Assigning categories of judges issued the relevant orders. To obtain a judicial categories servers – For the award of “the trial judge for”: protocol Qualification Commission, a decision the jury territorial Federation. – For the title “Judge national category ‘and’ The referee national category”: the petition standard form, the relevant extract from the minutes of the competition, jury petition Ukrainian Federation of Figure Skating.

4. Requirements for assigning judicial CATEGORIES

4.1. Judges assigned to gradually category are subject to the following requirements:

4.1.1. “The judge first category” – individuals (16 years) who participated in a judicial seminar.

4.1.2. “Judge national category” – individuals who meet the following requirements: – with the first category of judges, judging experience at least 3 seasons after its assignment and experience refereeing error-free for at least the last two seasons; – Have practice in judging at least 5 competitions of regional or city level or 5 national competitions; – In terms of participation in national or international seminar of judges.

4.1.3. “The referee national category” – individuals who meet the following requirements: – have national judicial category, experience of refereeing at least 2 seasons after its assignment and faultless experience judging at least one of last season; – Have a practice of judging as referee for at least 3 regional competitions; – In terms of participation in national orparticipation in national or international seminarof judges.


5.1. The judge has the right:

5.1.1. To judge the competition.

5.1.2. Seminars and briefings on behalf of the jury.

5.2. The judge must:

5.2.1. Perfectly know the rules of the competition, severely objectively and apply them in the process of judging, promote competition at the highest organizational level.

5.2.2. Continuing care about improving their judicial skills, transfer knowledge and experience to young judges take an active part in the panel of judges in the seminars on the preparation and training of judges.

5.2.3. Always be sustained, courteous, restrained and distsyplinovanym. In the team of athletes, coaches and judges he should enjoy respect and authority.

5.2.4. Cultivate tolerance, discipline, respect for the rules of the competition participants, coaches and team representatives.

5.2.5. Be an example of discipline and organization for participants, coaches and team representatives during the competition.

5.2.6. Educate athletes in the spirit of morality and ethics.

5.2.7. The performance of judicial duties include: Neat clothes. Being independent of territorial representation. By the end of the competition has no right to comment / discuss the results of the competition with coaches, athletes, team representatives, the media and others.

6. The panel of judges in figure skating

6.1. The panel of judges created at Ukrainian Federation of Figure Skating. Regional and city judicial panel created in the local federation UFSF.

6.2. Primary jury in territorial federations are created if they have at least 3 judges.

7. Structure of the jury

7.1. Jury primary sport of the general meeting, open ballot elected chairman and secretary. In the case of a primary sports of five or more judges headed by a Board Presidium consisting of 3 persons elected by open vote 1 every 4 years at a general meeting of the organization.

7.2. Local or regional panel of judges chaired by Presidium consisting of 3-5 persons elected by open vote 1 time in 4 years at the general meeting of judges and approved by the Bureau territorial Federation.

7.3. Chairman of the jury Ukrainian Federation of Figure Skating elected report-elected by the Conference UFSF.

7.4. Chairman of the jury prepares the board of judges for approval at a meeting of the Presidium of the Ukrainian Federation of Figure Skating.

7.5. The Bureau jury works according to plan approved UFSF. The decision of accepting the jury shall be submitted for approval to the Presidium UFSF.

8. CONTENTS UFSF panel of judges.

8.1. A panel of judges:

8.1.1. Performs work to ensure training and competitions.

8.1.2. Provides the Presidium of the Ukrainian Federation of figure skating for the approval of proposals for appointment of judges for judging international competitions, and proposals for appointment of chief judges nationwide competitions listed in the calendar of the Federation for the current season.

8.1.3. Hear reports of the Chief Justice Ukrainian competitions on the outcome of the competition.

8.1.4. Organizes study of application of rules of figure skating, exchange of experience judges’colleagues and top judges.

8.1.5. Provides training and qualifications of judicial personnel through the organization of seminars, meetings, conferences, consultations, periodic attestation of judges ekzamenuye knowledge of the rules on competition and more.

8.1.6. Consider materials on the assignment of judicial categories, keeps a record of judges

8.1.7. Consider lowering the categories of materials judges who do not fulfill their duties or for committing offenses.

8.1.8. Manages the activities of subordinate judges territorial colleagues, summarizes and distributes solutions UFSF.

8.2. The composition of the jury in the case of misconduct can be reconfigured by the relevant decision of the Presidium UFSF.


9.1. The appointment of judges for the current season

9.1.1. Each year before 1st April the jury considers the list of judges recommended by the regional federation for judging competitions at various levels.

9.1.2. Annually, April 10th, the jury gives the Bureau UFSF: Preliminary schedule of judicial seminars on current season Lists of judges for judging national and international competitions of various levels and to participate in the trials and relevant seminars.

9.1.3. Each year, by 15th April Presidium of the Ukrainian Federation of Figure Skating approved lists of judges to participate in relevant seminars and examinations of judges who will organize the International Skating Union and the Ukrainian Federation of Figure Skating.

9.2. Appointment of judges to individual competition.

9.2.1. Appointment of judges to individual competition carried out only in accordance with the list of approved judges for judging the current season.

9.2.2. Appointment of Chief Judges nationwide competition has Presidium UFSF in SeptemberOctober this year on the proposal of the jury.

9.2.3. Appointment of the Referee, Technical Controller and specialists, data entry operators and video operators completing the judging panel in the types carried out separately for each race, and approved by the jury.

9.2.4. Yearlly composition of the judging panel approved by the Chief Judge of the competition after agreement with representatives of the teams.

9.2.5. If necessary, to service competition the referees may be invited, Technical Controllers and specialists, data entry operators, video operators and judges from other countries, nominal composition of which is approved by the Bureau on the proposal UFSF jury.


10.1. If the judge violates paragraph. 5.2. this Regulation or unqualified judging shows, he/she must provide a written explanation for the requirement referee.

10.2. Referee, in turn, explain the judges comments and submit it for consideration to the jury no later than five days after the event.

10.3. The panel of judges for two weeks the judge considers the explanation and commentary Referee shall decide on the punishment the judge.

10.4. The jury can not agree with the opinion of the Chief Judge or Referee competition, if so, its decision will be crucial.

10.5. The Bureau UFSF the submission jury judge may make observations, warnings or remove from judging competitions for a period of 1 to 3 years.

10.6. The judge suspended from refereeing competitions Presidium UFSF for a fixed period, after this period restors the rights of judges after the passage of the seminar and presentation of the jury.

10.7 Protests representatives of the teams, coaches or judges to judge violations PM 5.2.3 – 5.2.7 of this Regulation adopted by the Chief Justice of the competition for further submission to the jury UFSF for a decision on sanctions.

10.8 Letters of violation of territorial Federations judge PM 5.2.3 – 5.2.7 of this Regulation adopted by the panel of judges for further submission to the Presidium UFSF.

10.9 Any protests are only accepted under rule 123 of the Constitution of the International Skating Union.