History of the Federation of figure skating in Ukraine

In the second half of the last century, figure skating rapidly reached a new, very high level in Ukraine.

In 50 years, it was the center of Kyiv figure skating in Ukraine. At this time, the stadium «Dynamo» had started to fill the first rollers, which came first and skaters.

In the 60 years began to work the first indoor ice rink, which was built for the Kiev Ballet on ice. At this time coaches of figure skating arrived in Kyiv. Among them was known world — Peter Orlov, USSR champion in men’s single skating (1947), Nina and coach Stanislav Zhuk.

From the 60-70 in Kiev worked many sports schools of figure skating. At this time, Ukraine had had its champions in figure skating.

Champions of Ukraine 60’s, 70’s figure skating:

  • Natalia Vorobiev;
  • Valery Maksayev;
  • Natalia Massalitina Vladimir Kaprov;
  • Larissa Drozdenko;
  • Sihalova Stalin;
  • Yuri Orlov;

In the mid-60s there was more development and figure skating gets in Kharkiv.

Kharkiv sports school of figure skating, known for its athletes, such as:

  • Antonova A.
  • Egorov V.
  • Assumption B.

In Kharkiv sports school of figure skating, started its career «EMU coach Galina Zmiyevska which produced two Olympic champions.

In 1973, when Alexander Danyluk, Konstantin Holomazov and Andrei Romanov came to the ballet on ice, Ukraine felt «second» breath of the sport and the arts.

George Zimmerman — the famous founder of sports school of figure skating in Odessa. It was George Zimmerman who was able to raise the level of figure skating in Odessa, at high enough decent level.

Odessa school of figure skating, brought the following athletes:

  • Victor Petrenko- Olympic champion, world champion and Europe;
  • V. Petrenko and V. Tsymbaliuk — world champion among juniors;
  • V. Zagorodniuk — European champion and World Championship bronze medalist,
  • O. Baiul — Olympic champion, and. Romanov and I.Yaroshenko — Goodwill Games champion, bronze medalist of European ice dancing.

In 1992 Viktor Petrenko won the XVI Olympic Games in men’s figure skating in Albertville.

In February 1994, at the XVII Olympic Winter Games in Lillehameri the first time in Olympic sports delegation took part sportsmen from Ukraine. Despite a rather dramatic situation due to numerous injuries among athletes, also because of unequal competition — the Games were assumption professionals still sixteen Oksana Baiul — Ukrainian athlete, managed to become champion of the Olympic Games in figure skating, the first of the former Soviet Union in the and the youngest form of competition after a legend — Sonja Haney.

High achievements of our skaters on the international scene is the result of the effectiveness and sustainability of scientific and methodical, technical and organizational foundations of the sport.

In 60 years, scientific support of the training process in the USSR team in figure skating was carried out only on the basis of methodologies, this can not be said for 70 years.

In 70 years of comprehensive steps were taken to develop winter sports. And in the early 70’s it was sent to the emergence of more targeted research that would have carried a prognostic, faster character