Dear ladies and gentlemen! We are glad to see you on the site of Ukrainian Figure Skating Federation.

The structure of Ukrainian Figure Skating Federation ( UFSF) is built arround a strong volunteer community and a dedicated staff of employees at Ukrainian Figure Headquarters in Kyiv. UFSF is a member of the International Skating Union ( ISU) and a member of the Ukrainian National Olympic Committee.

UFSF is composed of regional offices , which include children and youth Figure Skating schools, the Olympic reserve schools, junior National team and main National Team.

Ukrainian Figure Skating Federation consists of the President, two Vice Presidents, General Secretary, the Head of Coaches Committee, the Head of Judges Committee, the Head of Boards of Trustees, the Head of Medical Committee and four members of Presidium.



President UFSF

Michael Makarov

600 600

Vice – President

Daniil Amirhanov




General secretary

Anastasiya Makarova



Head of Coaches Committee

Marina Amirhanova



Head of Judge Committee

Yuriy Balkov



Head of Athletics CommitteeAnna Khnychenkova
Ruben Ambartsumov picture

Head of Medical Committee

Ruben Ambartsumov


Dmytro Dmytrenko – Presidium member
Iryna Medvedeva – Presidium member


  • Oversees relations with the International Skating Union and its Members regarding international matters related to Ukrainian Figure Skating, including commercial matters and the award of ISU events to Ukrainian Figure Skating
  • Representative to the UFSF
  • Ex officio member of Ukrainian Figure Skating Foundation Board of Trustees
  • One of three official spokespersons for USFS
  • Support the transition to a successor when term is completed
  • Developing harmonious and effective working relationships among Board members
  • Provides support and encouragement to all members
  • Required to attend Ukrainian Championships, and may attend select international competitions, including Grand Prix Final, World Championships and Olympics
  • Attend annual meeting of Board of Trustees of Ukrainian Figure Skating Federation
  • Attend annual Conference

First Vice President

  • Developes a strategy of figure skating in Ukraine and federation, interacts with the media, interact with sponsors.

Second Vice President

  • Coordinates the international activities of the federation.

General Secretary

  • Prepares documentation for the meetings of the Bureau, organize technical activities of the Bureau, dealing with documentation.


  • Keeps financial records, has the main to sign financial documents, coordinates financial activities, interactes with sponsors.


  • Organizes and implements PR-campaigns in constant contact with the media, writes about the work of the federation, coaches, athletes, gives lessons in public speaking athletes and rules of interaction with the media.

Head of coaching

  • Coordinates and conducts teaching seminars, organize experience exchange between the veterans, current coaches and athletes, organizes workshops, conducts control over the organization and holding of sports events, developing competition schedule makes submission to award titles and sports categories.


  • Provides legal support of the Federation in considering, concluding agreements and cooperation Federation with various organizations, monitors the organization and conduct of sports and other sport events of the Federation is developing, a proposal for a new member of, interacting with the government, public and private sports organizations, is developing normative acts of the local Federation conducts personnel issues, considering disciplinary matters.

Chairman of the panel of judges

  • Coordinates and conducts judicial seminars, preparing relevant documents.

Site Administrator

  • Conducts site Federation, provides rapid change, is developing contemporary site design.


  • Coordinator of Health and combating doping in sport.

1. Our mission

Popularization and development of figure skating in Ukraine

2. Vision

Together through hardship to the stars

3. Our strategic goals include

  • Support all athletes in reaching their goals and maximizing their potential.
  • Proactive measures to protect UFSF members against misconduct, abuse and harassment.
  • Popularization of figure skating as kind of sport.
  • Development and support  anti- doping programs.
  • Communication with other National figure skating federations and ISU.


Principles of Ukrainian Figure Skating Federation

1. Principle of respect.

Federation respects each member of his view and work.

2. Feedback.

The Federation is obliged to inform all members of the Federation of his decision to listen to the members of the Federation, to conduct an ongoing dialogue with cells Federation, Federation members and parents through communication throught internet, telephone, site of, as well as through annual reporting conference

3. Openness and transparency.

The Federation is open and has transparent financial policy, give annual at the end of season reports to the members of the Federation, on progress and future plans.

4. Adherence to the principle of sport.


History of the Federation of figure skating in Ukraine

In the second half of the last century, figure skating rapidly reached a new, very high level in Ukraine.

In 50 years, it was the center of Kyiv figure skating in Ukraine. At this time, the stadium “Dynamo” had started to fill the first rollers, which came first and skaters.

In the 60 years began to work the first indoor ice rink, which was built for the Kiev Ballet on ice. At this time coaches of figure skating arrived in Kyiv. Among them was known world – Peter Orlov, USSR champion in men’s single skating (1947), Nina and coach Stanislav Zhuk.

From the 60-70 in Kiev worked many sports schools of figure skating. At this time, Ukraine had had its champions in figure skating.

Champions of Ukraine 60’s, 70’s figure skating:

  • Natalia Vorobiev;
  • Valery Maksayev;
  • Natalia Massalitina Vladimir Kaprov;
  • Larissa Drozdenko;
  • Sihalova Stalin;
  • Yuri Orlov;

In the mid-60s there was more development and figure skating gets in Kharkiv.

Kharkiv sports school of figure skating, known for its athletes, such as:

  • Antonova A.
  • Egorov V.
  • Assumption B.

In Kharkiv sports school of figure skating, started its career “EMU coach Galina Zmiyevska which produced two Olympic champions.

In 1973, when Alexander Danyluk, Konstantin Holomazov and Andrei Romanov came to the ballet on ice, Ukraine felt “second” breath of the sport and the arts.

George Zimmerman – the famous founder of sports school of figure skating in Odessa. It was George Zimmerman who was able to raise the level of figure skating in Odessa, at high enough decent level.

Odessa school of figure skating, brought the following athletes:

  • Victor Petrenko- Olympic champion, world champion and Europe;
  • V. Petrenko and V. Tsymbaliuk – world champion among juniors;
  • V. Zagorodniuk – European champion and World Championship bronze medalist,
  • O. Baiul – Olympic champion, and. Romanov and I.Yaroshenko – Goodwill Games champion, bronze medalist of European ice dancing.

In 1992 Viktor Petrenko won the XVI Olympic Games in men’s figure skating in Albertville.

In February 1994, at the XVII Olympic Winter Games in Lillehameri the first time in Olympic sports delegation took part sportsmen from Ukraine. Despite a rather dramatic situation due to numerous injuries among athletes, also because of unequal competition – the Games were assumption professionals still sixteen Oksana Baiul – Ukrainian athlete, managed to become champion of the Olympic Games in figure skating, the first of the former Soviet Union in the and the youngest form of competition after a legend – Sonja Haney.

High achievements of our skaters on the international scene is the result of the effectiveness and sustainability of scientific and methodical, technical and organizational foundations of the sport.

In 60 years, scientific support of the training process in the USSR team in figure skating was carried out only on the basis of methodologies, this can not be said for 70 years.

In 70 years of comprehensive steps were taken to develop winter sports. And in the early 70’s it was sent to the emergence of more targeted research that would have carried a prognostic, faster character

Would you like to know where you can find good Figure Skating schools ? Look at this list, please.


“Lider” – children and youth Figure Skating school.

Headmaster – Dmytro Dmytrenko

Address – Kyiv; Shalett str. 6.

Tel. +38-044-543-98-49

“Dynamo”- children and youth Figure Skating school

Headmaster – Olena Gavrylko

Address – Kyiv,Gaidara str. 8

Tel. + 38 – 044 – 284 – 34 – 52



09701, center of winter sports “Lodograj”

Headmaster – Stefan Igor

Address – Boguslav,09701,Polovyj provulok, 47.

Tel. +38-067-215-88-26


Olympic reserve School

Headmaster – Sergei Bryzhna

Address – Kharkiv, Marshala Zhukova str. 2.

Tel. + 38 – 057 – 297 – 80 – 04.


Children and youth winter sports school

Headmaster – Anatolyi Fotesku

Address – Dnipro, Naberezhna – Zavodska str. 53

Tel. +38 – 067-633-81-33, +38 – 067-730-70-55


Sport school 1

Headmaster – Yuriy Subbota.

Address – Kryvyi Rih, Metalurgiv str. 5b

Tel. +38 – 0564 – 90 – 73 – 95


Children and youth winter sport school

Headmaster – Oleg Tymchenko

Address – Kherson, str 49 Khersonskoi Gvardejskoi Dyvizii 26

Tel. + 38 – 0552 – 33 – 22 – 24


The Olympic reserve school

Heardmaster – Natalia TyutyunnykAddress – Odessa, Akademlka Filatova str. 29a

Tel. + 38 – 048 – 64 – 95 – 11