Marina Amirkhanova – Head of committee


Liliya Batutina – member of committee

Vera Volpova – member of committee

Vyacheslav Tkachenko – member of committee

Oleksandr Tumanovskii – member of committee

Mariya Tumanovska-Chaika – member of committee

Dmytro Shkidchenko – member of committee

Churylova Galyna – member of committee


Council of coaching

Ukrainian Figure Skating Federation


1. Coaching Council Ukrainian Federation of Figure Skating (hereinafter Coaching Council) created the Bureau Ukrainian Federation of Figure Skating (further – Federation) as a permanent advisory body to consider issues related to the preparation and participation of sportsmen in national and international sports competition and decisions on the national team of the Federation.

2. Coaching Council is guided by the Constitution of Ukraine and laws of Ukraine, Statute of the International Skating Union, Federation MoFYS orders, other regulatory legal acts and this Statute


analyzes results performances of Ukrainian skaters in international and National sports;

considers and makes proposals for membership National team Ukraine figure skating, including, candidates for the post of athletes instructors in accordance with the requirements approved duly, system Manning National teams with sports;

considers and makes proposals for the formation of a single scheduling of sports-Recreation and sports events Ukraine and schedule Federation, develops system selection to the National team to participate in the official international sports included to a single scheduling of sports-Recreation and sports events Ukraine and schedule Federation, develops specifications and provides a proposal to the provisions (rules) of the National sports young skaters, develops qualification requirements for a single sports classification of Ukraine considers the target program training and annual individual plans for the preparation of athletes National team Ukraine figure skating to participate in the Olympic games, world championships, Europe, other official international sports;

considers and provides offers a part of the official delegation National team Ukraine to participate in the official international sports figure skating included to a single scheduling of sports-Recreation and sports events Ukraine, schedule Federation in accordance with the requirements approved system selection, provides a methodological assistance of teaching and training process in institutions physical training and sports, creates working bodies, committees, the Commission, etc. in major activities.


contribution to obtaining trainers special education, the passage training, retraining and higher education; analyzes results complex surveys and testing athletes, analyzes the dynamics of functionality, performs educational work among athletes, cares about healthy moral and psychological atmosphere in the team, considering for compliance with members of the National team legislation, the provisions of international regulations in the field of physical training and sports (provisions of the Olympic charter), statutes of ISU, Federation, rules competitions skating, anti-doping requirements in accordance with the world anti-doping code, international standards bug – “forbidden list of”, international standard defect of therapeutic use prohibited materials and methods and international standard defect of testing and decides to sanctions for violation of the above-mentioned standards and requirements; violates the request of the purpose athletes, coaches, other professionals honorary titles, performs measures to social security athletes, coaches and other professionals.


1. The form of coaching Council meetings are held on the decision of the head and incase his absence – the deputy.

2. Before the coaching of coaches are the national team of Ukraine directly involved in training athletes of the national team. Coaching is chaired by the chairman.

3. Personal composition coaching Council approved a proposal by the Bureau of the Federation Council head trainer.

4. The coaching Council is competent if attended by at least half of its members.

5. Decisions taken by a simple majority of the present members of the coaching.

6. tie the deciding vote the presiding judge.

7. The decision of the coaching session issued a protocol to be signed by all members of the coaching that took part in the vote.

8. A member of the coaching that does not support the decision of trainer can deliver a separate opinion attached to the minutes of the Council of coaching.

9. The Council adopted a decision formalized coaching protocol.