Duties of staff.


  • Oversees relations with the International Skating Union and its Members regarding international matters related to Ukrainian Figure Skating, including commercial matters and the award of ISU events to Ukrainian Figure Skating
  • Representative to the UFSF
  • Ex officio member of Ukrainian Figure Skating Foundation Board of Trustees
  • One of three official spokespersons for USFS
  • Support the transition to a successor when term is completed
  • Developing harmonious and effective working relationships among Board members
  • Provides support and encouragement to all members
  • Required to attend Ukrainian Championships, and may attend select international competitions, including Grand Prix Final, World Championships and Olympics
  • Attend annual meeting of Board of Trustees of Ukrainian Figure Skating Federation
  • Attend annual Conference

First Vice President

  • Developes a strategy of figure skating in Ukraine and federation, interacts with the media, interact with sponsors.

Second Vice President

  • Coordinates the international activities of the federation.

General Secretary

  • Prepares documentation for the meetings of the Bureau, organize technical activities of the Bureau, dealing with documentation.


  • Keeps financial records, has the main to sign financial documents, coordinates financial activities, interactes with sponsors. 


  • Organizes and implements PR-campaigns in constant contact with the media, writes about the work of the federation, coaches, athletes, gives lessons in public speaking athletes and rules of interaction with the media.

Head of coaching

  • Coordinates and conducts teaching seminars, organize experience exchange between the veterans, current coaches and athletes, organizes workshops, conducts control over the organization and holding of sports events, developing competition schedule makes submission to award titles and sports categories.


  • Provides legal support of the Federation in considering, concluding agreements and cooperation Federation with various organizations, monitors the organization and conduct of sports and other sport events of the Federation is developing, a proposal for a new member of, interacting with the government, public and private sports organizations, is developing normative acts of the local Federation conducts personnel issues, considering disciplinary matters.

Chairman of the panel of judges

  • Coordinates and conducts judicial seminars, preparing relevant documents.

Site Administrator

  • Conducts site Federation, provides rapid change, is developing contemporary site design.


  • Coordinator of Health and combating doping in sport.

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