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Dear ladies and gentlemen! We are glad to see you on the site of Ukrainian Figure Skating Federation.

The structure of Ukrainian Figure Skating Federation ( UFSF) is built arround a strong volunteer community and a dedicated staff of employees at Ukrainian Figure Headquarters in Kyiv. UFSF is a member of the International Skating Union ( ISU) and a member of the Ukrainian National Olympic Committee.

UFSF is composed of regional offices , which include children and youth Figure Skating schools, the Olympic reserve schools, junior National team and main National Team.

Ukrainian Figure Skating Federation consists of the President, two Vice Presidents, General Secretary, the Head of Coaches Committee, the Head of Judges Committee, the Head of Boards of Trustees, the Head of Medical Committee and four members of Presidium.

Board of Presidium



President UFSF

Michael Makarov


Vice - President

Victor Petrenko

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Vice - President

Daniil Amirhanov



ganna turchinova

Vice - President, Head of Boards of Trustees

 Ganna Turchynova



General secretary

Anastasiya Makarova




Head of Coaches Committee

Marina Amirhanova



Head of Judge Committee

Yuriy Balkov


IMG 2479

Head of Athletics Committee

Anna Khnychenkova

 Ruben Ambartsumov picture

Head of Medical Committee

Ruben Ambartsumov

Dmytro Dmytrenko - Presidium member
Iryna Medvedeva - Presidium member 
Olga Petrova -- Presidium member
Tamara Tsymbal --- Presidium member

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